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    Manage your QR Codes with
    ease QR4U provides a central console with
    intelligent analytics for all of your QR Codes.

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    Analytics and Intelligence

    Never before have you been provided so much
    QR Code Intelligence. We manage your
    QR Codes and give you important information on their usage.

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QR Codes

Obtain a better understanding of your marketing by introducing smart QR Codes that track user scans and give you a better understanding of your visitors.

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    Beautifully Coded

    Generate QR Code

    Manual or Batch creation of QR Codes with advanced features like Password management, expiry and more...
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    Central Management Console

    Store your QR Codes in the cloud for central management and peace of mind.
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    Everything is in Detail


    Track your QR Codes wherever they are and get a better understanding of what works and what doesn't.