QR Code Maker

QR4U offers the best tools and services for mobile sales lead generation. We focus on real-world needs where our offerings allow companies to hit-the-ground and get instant mobile engagement. Quickly build social media integration into your existing products along with a dynamic content management service.

You will enjoy understanding the impact of how many people scan your QR4U codes, where and when, will give you a fantastic insight into your customers engagement and tendencies.

The Steps

QR4U is built using proprietory technology which sets it appart from others. Our process is simple to our users yet driven by complex internal processes and functions.

  • First step


    Our registration process is simple, select the most suitable account and provide some contact information.

  • Second step

    QR Code Generation

    Generate QR Codes based on the type of use, protect it with a password, set limits or expiry dates and you're done.

  • Third step


    Use our real-time reporting to understand how successful your digital or print campaign has been.

  • Fourth step


    Manage all of your QR Codes from one interface, allowing you to pause and resume campaigns and much more...